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Top 6 Myths About Translation

People from different parts of the world communicate. As such, translators are in high demand. The world is now a much smaller place. Just as globalisation has brought people much closer together, the need for professional translators has increased. Translators need to know more than just the vocabulary and grammar of a language. It’s not as simple as sitting with a dictionary and translating content word by word. The following is a list of some of the most common myths [...]


Top Best Language Learning Software

Translator jobs are one of the most interesting and sought after jobs in the world which always looks impressive ona CV. Does this mean everyone will have to live abroad to understand another language? The answer is No. This is why there are different language learning software and apps that will help make language learning easier and better. On TranslatorHunt, you can find professional translators, for more details see ​​​​h​​ere, and on TranslatorHunt Online, information how to become one. This article will explain [...]


Misconceptions About The Translator Profession

The world is populated by so many people speaking so many different languages and each language has thousands of monolingual or bilingual speakers. Any effort to create a translation company is a difficult task because the number of potential competitors is huge. Once you’ve started your translation business, you’ll learn more about the serious competition and translation myths that still prevail in the wireless communication world.   f you would like to improve your English to the a higher standard, you can check [...]