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Freelance French to English Translator
Freelance French to English Translator
  • Saint Jacques de la Lande, France
  • May 3, 2019

Areas of Expertise:

  • Academic: Certificates, diplomas, transcripts…
  • Business: Agreements, contracts, articles of association… 
  • Financial: Bank statements, invoices, tax assessments…
  • Legal: Certificates, court rulings, disputes, proof of identity, police reports…
  • Miscellaneous: Social, humanitarian, and environmental projects
  • Personal: Cover letters, correspondence, resumes…


  • French to English translation: € 0,08 / source word
  • Proofreading in English: € 0,05 / source word
  • Transcription (French/English) € 4,00 / audio minute,  € 70,00 / audio hour,  + 30% off the price (source word) for an added translation

Current Clients:

  • Since October 2017

            Southeast Spanish – Sector: Translation

Translations of legal (certificates, court rulings, proof of identity…), financial (bank statements, tax assessments, invoices, and academic documents (certificates, diplomas, transcripts…)

  • Since April 2017

            E2F – Sector: Translation

Translations for the tourist sector (descriptions of Airbnbs), and legal (contracts, disputes…) and miscellaneous and/or personal documents.

  • Since July 2016

            Translated – Sector: Translation

Translations and revisions of legal (certificates, proof of identity, disputes…), academic (certificates, diplomas, transcripts…), business (contracts, agreements, articles of association…), financial (tax assessments, bank statements, invoices…) and medical documents (prescriptions, medical records, child health record booklets), plus other sectors such as tourism and humanitarian and environmental projects.

Transcriptions for videos on social and business projects, as well as advertising.

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