Advantages Of Hiring A Freelance Translator

Advantages Of Hiring A Freelance Translator

Hiring professional translators is important for both your business and your personal projects to ensure everything is translated exactly how it should be.

With TranslatorHunt you can be assured your work is in safe hands. It’s an undisputed fact that communication is key.

Imagine you have just opened a branch of your organisation in another geographical region where they speak a different language. You would almost certainly need a translator to help convey your message and achieve your goals and objectives.

A translator is a professional, someone who can help people communicate in a different language, or who can take something, such asa book, transcript or a speech in one language and put it in another language.


Benefits of hiring an experienced translator

Take a person who can speak both French and English who needs to attend a business meeting. The meeting comprises of individuals who can speak only French, and individuals who can speak only English.

The person who can speak both languages is the only person present in the room who can understand and convey what has been said in order to facilitate communication between the parties present.

He/she is a communication and languages expert and usually specialize and work with any two languages. The first is usually their mother tongue and the second is often a language for which they have a passion, or for which, there is some commercial demand.

When you hire a freelance translator, you are hiring a translator who is self-employed to carryout a job for you. This translator is not permanent employee, although a working relationship exists between you for a stipulated period of time. If you are a small business, or individual who only requires the use of a translator on an infrequent basis, then the advantages can be worthwhile.

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Saves cost: A freelance translator has a much lower fixed cost than a permanent employee or larger company. Even the most experienced freelance translators charge fees that are considerably lower than those of translation firms. Since these freelance translators are not your permanent employees, their services cost less because they also earn from other translation jobs.

Quality work: A freelance translator would invest their skills into the job been given to them as they pride themselves on their subject knowledge, linguistic expertise and exceptional writing abilities. They will work with you to ensure that your text is wholly unambiguous to best meet your target audience.

Direct contact; A freelance translator is wholly accessible and you are able to get to know who you are working with from the outset. ou can ask about their credentials, their experience and their areas of specialism. By so doing, you will have an idea of their professionalism, their reliability, their language abilities and their efficiency.

Experience: A freelance translator acquires a lot of experience having to work with a variety of different clients and businesses, often from diverse locations. Your business stands to gain from all this vast experience. Every job a freelance translator undertakes adds to their experience and skills to your commercial benefit.

Fast delivery: Freelance translators tend to perform well and swiftly. They don’t have the time for office politics and endless agenda-less meetings that are common in most large organisations with permanent staff.

It’s not uncommon to agree a very quick turn around with your freelance translator, something you could never do with large commercial translator firms


There are other advantages also when you entrust your project into the hands of a freelance translator. If you already know a good freelance translator with the language skills you need, then go ahead and use them. 

Although they are more efficient for dual-language translations rather than multilingual projects, they are by far the most cost efficient and effective way to get your task translated.

Also, there is often price reductions for repeat business, something you don’t often see in larger firms. 

You can also seek the advice of freelance translators on what to do on your projects as they will be more qualified and experienced to guide on what your project would require. 


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